Media interviews with Gary Evans

Below you will find a large selection of the various interviews I have recorded over the last few years. I hope these will provide insight into who I am and what I can offer via my mentoring service. I have included a few quotes from listeners alongside selected interviews. If you have any questions, please get in touch. I hope you enjoy!

Radio and filmed interviews.

April 2015. One of the most heart based discussions I have ever been a part of on air. Op-Think Radio with Gary Evans – The Approach of Practical Spirituality and Self Development.

Gary Evans. Video – Ancient Cultures & Earth Mysteries. Simon on the Sofa Hangout.

posh quote marks openA wonderful talk with Gary Evans. I was blown away by his experience in Egypt and by his knowledge of the spiritual realm. I was drawn in by the magnificence of the subject all pointing towards how this time on earth is so important in terms of our own evolution which connects us back to ancient civilizations and to the unknown. x”

Ancient Egyptian Prehistory

posh quote marks openMany thank yous, superb interview, Gary expresses his experiences well, it almost felt as if i were there.”

Short Video – Exploring Luxor, Egypt – Gary Evans on Ancient Origins

posh quote marks openGary Evans, researcher of ancient mysteries, PR agent, and tour organiser, explores the stunning ancient site of Luxor in Egypt, offering a different perspective to what is ordinarily experienced by the thousands of tourists that visit this magnificent place each and every year.

In this presentation, Gary Evans sheds light on the power and energetic properties of ancient sites such as Luxor, and explains how they can be experienced in a profound and life-changing way.”


Earth Mysteries – Gary Evans (GICTV)

‪Sacred Places and the Sacred Mind – Gary Evans (The justBernard Show)

Sacred Sites and Human Evolution – Gary Evans (The justBernard Show)

‪British Museum Ancient Egypt & Acoustics with Gary Evans and James Swagger

‪016 Capricorn Radio – Gary Evans – Earth Mysteries Investigator

019 Capricorn Radio – Gary Evans – Infinite Connections & Egypt Update

Capricorn radio 107 Capricorn Radio – Gary Evans & Patricia Awyan – Acoustics & Spirituality in Ancient Egypt

144 Capricorn Radio Special – Gary Evans Guest Host – Great Pyramid Experiences with James Swagger & Zhanna

014 Capricorn TV Gary Evans @ Giza

Video – The Devil’s Den of Wiltshire – Gary Evans on Ancient Origins

Video – Interview with Gary Evans on Mystical Experiences in Ancient Places‏ with Ancient Origins.

Where did the road go? Radio. Gary Evans – Acoustics and Ancient Sites.

Gary Evans – Listening to the Past. Legalise Freedom radio.

Red Ice Radio – Egypt Roundtable – Hour 1 – Ancient Technologies & Khemitology.

‪Video at TruthJuice Gathering 2013 – Gary Evans – Moving from the rational mind to the intuitive mind

Sacred Sites, Human Evolution and Earth Mysteries with Gary Evans. Moore Talk radio.


Coast to Coast AM – Mysterious Ancient Sites with Gary Evans.

Coast to Coast AM is a North American late-night radio talk show that deals with a variety of topics. It has a weekly audience of 2.75 million unique listeners, making it the most listened-to program in its time slot. Today, the program is heard on nearly 570 stations in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Guam

posh quote marks openIndependent researcher and leader of tours to locations of ancient mysteries and civilizations, Gary Evans, discussed the evidence at such sites for unusual properties, such as transformative acoustical effects. At a megalithic site not far from Stonehenge called the Devil’s Den, which is composed of sandstone blocks, there’s a head-shaped hole at the capstone. When you place your head in the enclosure and begin to chat or intone, it vibrates the huge crystalline stone, which can induce positive mental or spiritual effects, as well as potent insights, he marveled.

A related site in Peru called the Doorway of Amaru Muru is one of the most powerful places he’s visited, said Evans, who meditated at the location. Special acoustic tones are said to activate the Doorway, he noted. Based on his own personal experiences inside the chambers of the Great Pyramid at Giza, and other pyramids, he’s found they also have acoustic properties that produce spiritually enhancing qualities. Beyond this, citing the work of Chris Dunn, Evans suggested that in ancient times, the pyramids may have been generating a huge resonating field, or something connected with water.”

Joining Gary in the third hour, Robert M Schoch, Ph.D. shared updates on pyramids, geomagnetic effects, the structure of basaltic stone blocks, which have electrical/acoustical properties. Schoch also discussed his collaboration with Evans on a new TV show. Part of this show will document and record the subtle forces of the earth, and how they affect human perception.

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