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Understanding YOUR Awakening

If you have found this website, it probably means your perception of the world has dramatically changed recently.  I expect you are looking for answers? An awakening can often be the answer. I created this website and the mentoring service to help people with their questions.

Read on to find out how ancient wisdom
can help you today

To give you a quick start on how this website can help, please see below for information on ten short important Awakening articles. These articles include free short exercises, techniques and meditations, to help you understand where you have developed to and give you some suggestions for the future.

A major aim for this website and the mentoring service offered is, to give people an understanding and context for their inner progress and self-development, as well as some clearly defined targets for the future. You will find an experiential approach advocated, intellectual information alone will not helps us. We learn best from experience.

I have put a huge amount of effort into solving the numerous problems I encountered after my awakening. I feel sure the lessons I have learned, can now help others. Gary Evans

posh quote marks openThe central meaning of the ancient sites visited is, without a doubt, about human-kind’s energetic relationship with the world around us. Gary’s sensitivity to those energies gave us a window into that lost world. Michael – Jan 2015 Egypt tour.

Awakening help?

Study this website for practical tips on how to continue your journey of awakening. My normal advice to anyone is, take what resonates with you and leave the rest. A large part of the approach suggested on this website is experiential. In other words, the ideas are suggested for you to try, that way you can gauge the impact directly. Read the linked article for more information on the approach of using ancient knowledge for our awakening now and the reasons I feel this approach is useful to others.

What is an Awakening?

An awakening marks a distinct change in the way an individual perceives the world. As the shift is so dramatic, it can be a very confusing time. Speaking from personal experience, and based on conversations with hundreds of people who have experienced an awakening, this is the start of a new life, the start of our spiritual path. After an awakening, we are in a very delicate period. It can be particularly difficult in the western world, especially if we don’t have a support structure or someone to turn to for guidance, help or answers. Often, we have to turn to the internet, which is a minefield when approaching this subject. Read the linked article for more information on Awakening consciousness.

The Awakening process

If you have found this website, it probably means something has happened to you. Our higher awareness can awaken for a huge multitude of reasons.

Understanding your awakening

What can we expect to happen in our lives with growing awareness? Read the linked article for the stages and changes myself and many others have experienced. How many have happened to you already? Perhaps you have noticed subtle changes in all the areas listed? Or perhaps, this short guide can give you some signposts for the future.

How to become your own best friend

Did you know that most people are a stranger to themselves? I didn’t know it was possible to get to know myself better until I visited Egypt and spent a lot of time at the pyramids and temples. Getting to know oneself better is a beautiful journey. On this site, I will share how I turned myself into a best friend. Read the linked article for some practical ideas that could help you.

Deeply Connect with nature

Our connection to nature, where did it all go wrong? In a nutshell, with the belief, we are separate from or superior to nature, when, in fact, we are absolutely and intimately connected. That connection goes far deeper than the majority of people will understand. Like any good relationship, if you put the time in and nurture it, spending time in the landscape and with animals, it will grow in the most beautiful way. The following article will look at how to “see simply” in nature. Remember how you felt as a child outside? I can promise you, it is possible to regain that joy and sense of freedom with a little practice. I have created a short meditation in the following article for you to try. I hope it helps!

Your Awakening routine is essential

Do you have a regular self-practice? Perhaps you practice yoga? Meditation? Tai Chi? As you will see in the linked article, the way we approach our personal growth and the dedication we put into growing, is directly rewarded by noticeable changes to our inner landscape.

An awakening practice or spiritual discipline (often including spiritual exercises) is the regular or full-time performance of actions and activities undertaken for the purpose of cultivating inner development.

Useful Personal growth tools

In the attached short article, you will find a list of useful, practical techniques. These techniques are ones myself and many others have found helpful to continue the process of our Awakening. I hope you find them as helpful as I have!

How to find Inner peace

Here is an easy exercise anyone can do, it will show you how busy your mind is with thoughts. Western life, work, and education have not educated us about the connection between, stress, health, consciousness and a busy mind. With an awakened awareness, we need tools to settle the mind and simply be present. Mindfulness offers an oasis of calm even when the world around us appears chaotic.

Right knowledge

If you only read one article on this website, I would like to suggest you make it this one! A huge part of who we are is, how we accept knowledge and the sources we accept. What we accept helps to shape our view of the world. This article looks at the different ways of obtaining that knowledge and how accurate they are. Simply reading this article can help you look at what you believe, and why. You may find as I did, a lot of the things I believed to be true… are not.

A deeper perspective

For a deeper look into the guiding philosophies that have helped me, please follow the two links below. I would like to add one caveat, a variety of people visit this website with various interests and backgrounds. Some might be looking for a deeper perspective, others will want a concise explanation in modern terminology. There isn’t a right or wrong approach. I would like to cater for all audiences, though. A big part of the mentoring service I offer will break down some of the most complex material into easily digestible pieces. The work of Schwaller De Lubicz and the information in the yoga sutras can be incredibly dense and hard going. While reading I find numerous new perspectives contained in just one or two paragraphs, each time I have to stop and think deeply. This process stretches the mind, and can be too much for some readers. Patience is key, I can’t expect myself to absorb everything. I need to go back and re-read the material, in the case of Schwaller, over the course of a few years. Over time, it does get easier! It’s certainly worth the effort; my heart soared with joy when I understood the deep messages being conveyed.

One point I would like you to think about is; we know our life and awakening are an incredibly complex topic, how can we expect to solve all the mysteries of our life with simple answers? To find the deep truth, we will have to work at it. If experience has taught me anything, our dedication will be rewarded!

posh quote marks openOur rational, scientific intelligence is of the mind and the senses. The other form of intelligence, whose most total expression was eventually located in the civilization of ancient Egypt, is of “the heart.” This search for the “intelligence of the heart” became Schwaller’s life work.

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How The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali provide a roadmap for our future

An understanding of awakening from thousands of years ago.

The classic Sutras (thought-threads) are at least 4000 years old and contain teachings on codes of conduct for higher awareness, meditation, and physical postures to reduce stress and calm the mind. They also provide direction with situations in daily life, which are as relevant today as they were 4000+ years ago. The additional commentary explains, the path of awakening and how mastery of our mind leads to physical mental and emotional harmony. Read on to find out how the yoga sutras can help you today.


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Back to the roots of awakening

It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the Buddha. If we want to get to the roots of the awakening process, we need to peel back layers and layers of time. There has been a huge amount of confusion created by time and people. One way to avoid confusion and errors is to search out the source of something. If we break down what the Buddha told us, we can see there is a lot of information to help us move forwards and grow.

posh quote marks open I recall that when my father the Sakyan was occupied, while I was sitting in the cool shade of a rose-apple tree, quite secluded from sensual pleasures, secluded from unwholesome states, I entered upon and abided in the first jhana, which is accompanied by applied and sustained thought, with rapture and pleasure born of seclusion. Could that be the path to enlightenment?’ Then, following on that memory, came the realization: ‘That is the path to enlightenment.”

The Buddha meets with a man named Saccaka and discusses his awakening. From The Greater Discourse to Saccaka, which narrates the Buddha’s way to liberation.

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