Understanding your awakening

What can we expect to happen in our lives with growing awareness? What are the stages and changes myself and many others have experienced? Have a good think while reading below to see how many changes have happened to you already. Perhaps you have noticed subtle changes in all the areas listed? Or perhaps, this short guide can give you some signposts for the future.

As you will see from reading the other articles on this site, the history of awakening extends back into the mists of time, the process is linked to the Buddha as an early example. As the process has been going for thousands of years, there is no need to re-invent the wheel. We can search out various individuals who understand the process. One approach is to seek out the individuals who resonate with us, for they are the ones who can help us on our way.

Awakening awareness and signs of change

Growing awareness of how our friends and family treat us
How we affect others – empathy
Interest in travel – feeling pulled to certain places
What we put into our consciousness TV, Movies– impacts how we feel
Self education
Curiosity about life
Interest in spiritual matters
Spending time in nature and with animals
Finding like minded groups or like minded friends
Surrounding ourselves with positive “can do” people
Practicing mindfulness
Interest in shamanic practices for self-understanding
Feeling an itch that there is more to life than we realize but not knowing how to scratch it
Growing awareness of intuition and how our heart speaks to us
Caring for and healing others
Wanting others to know how beautiful life can be
More open minded to new experiences and ideas
Interest in alternative medicine and healing modalities
Thinking about a change of job – wanting to work from the heart to contribute to positive change in the world

Note This is for anyone who spends a lot of time studying the alternative media and conspiracy theories. I completely understand this, I went through a similar phase myself. I researched a lot of subjects to understand the world better. I simply wanted to make you aware, a large part of the awakening path is about love. If you spend a lot of time studying fearful subjects, you will slow your progress, there isn’t as much room for love when we are constantly filling our self with fear. What you do is your choice, I simply wanted you to give this some thought.

Consciousness and personal growth

One of the main goals on the awakening path is to move out of the head/ego mind. The alternative as Schwaller de Lubicz eloquently said is “heart based emotional intelligence.” We will need to self-reflect by looking inside. Using mindfulness and meditation to quieten our thoughts is key, once we start to create “space” between thoughts, our heart can speak. Our empathy will start to grow, and we will become more aware of our impact on others.

Another side of this process is the effect on our senses; our five senses may become keener. On top of the ordinary senses, I would expect to see awakening people become more psychically aware. I would suggest thinking of your psychic senses as a muscle, if you don’t use them very often, they are weak. You may have a disposition that allows for certain psychic abilities to shine through if they are given the chance. There is a section in the Yoga Sutras on psychic abilities. It does explain how they can become active during the awakening process. The Sutras also explain that these abilities are not something we see as a goal. When our awareness is in the right place; the abilities will simply be at our disposal.

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