Useful personal growth tools for spiritual awakening

In this short article, you will find a list of useful, practical techniques. These techniques are ones myself and many others have found helpful to continue the process of our Awakening. I hope you find them as helpful as I have!

A huge part of the awakening process is letting go of old patterns, ideas, beliefs and habits. You can see many of the common elements of the awakening process in my article on this site, “Understanding your awakening”. I would like to bring your attention to the area of diet, exercise, relaxation and cleansing.

These elements all fall under the category of Purification, a subject the Yoga Sutras discusses in detail.

quotesPurification is the process of rendering something pure, i.e. clean of foreign elements and/or pollution”.

Tools to continue the awakening process


Yoga Nidra


Tai Chi

Sound therapy events

Sound therapy for home use

Relaxing music and Sanskrit mantras



Time in nature

Studying subjects close to the heart


After an awakening, a renewed interest in food and what we drink can arise. We often hold a review of our diet and the type of food we are eating. An interest in Organic, naturally grown food without pesticides is something I would expect to happen. As well as swapping to a diet based on a larger quantity of fresh fruit and vegetables. For those that have the inclination, interest in vegetarian and vegan diets is not unusual.

Juicing is an area that has become very popular in the conscious community. It seems to have caused controversy in the mainstream press. Partly because of various diets involving juicing. A large number of people simply include fresh vegetable, fruit, and herb juice as part of a normal balanced diet.

Should you be unsure about your diet and what changes, you can safely make, please consult a DR or nutritionist.

The quality of water we drink is another area to consider.


While we are on the subject of looking after our body. I would expect an increasing interest in health and fitness to happen after an awakening. As our awareness increases, it becomes increasingly apparent that we need to look after our body. At this stage, we might start looking for some new ideas. Yoga classes can often be an obvious choice, not only do they strengthen the body, they can also strengthen the mind and connection to our heart and soul. Tai Chi and other forms of exercise such as Kung Fu can also appeal. Walking and hiking in nature also takes on a more significant role in our lives.

Tibetan Bowl

Tibetan Bowl

Relaxation techniques

Once awakening people realize the benefits of deep relaxation they tend to start seeking out relaxing recreational activities. I would recommend working towards a daily, weekly and monthly routine.

Daily routine

Give yourself a little time daily, even if you only find time to read some inspirational material. With a bit of luck, you can spend time in nature to ground with bare feet to the earth, and also practice meditation.

Weekly routine

Arrange a couple of activities with like minded friends or attend consciously themed events or classes.

Monthly routine

Have at least one or two monthly special treats, my treats normally take the shape of, massage, sound therapy, concerts, or attending events with well know names from the spiritual world. I try to attend a variety of different events to give myself exposure to a variety of experiences. I also like to seek out new teachers in areas that interest me, to gain a greater perspective. Using this approach, I can find new things to enjoy and add to my routine. Looking after oneself and feeling good will set you up well to face the challenges the world can throw in your direction.


It would be remiss of me not to mention meditation and mindfulness here. It will suffice to say, the more often you can take the opportunity to be mindful the easier it becomes, and the calmer you will feel. Mindfulness also help to keep your awakening process moving forwards.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo

  Energetic and Spiritual cleansing

Energetic Cleansing is a new concept to think about researching. I know the idea can seem very foreign and strange. I would like to take this opportunity to explain. An awakening can quite often make us a lot more sensitive, this includes to other people and the places we visit. Numerous spiritual traditions use Energetic Cleansing to help with this.

I highly recommend you look into some of the plants used by indigenous cultures around the world. I find them essential as part of my routine. They are used to purify, many traditions also use them to bless people. I could write an article on why indigenous traditions are hard for the Western mind to grasp. I simply ask you to have an open mind to different perspectives. You may find these different perspectives from traditions linked to higher awareness have a lot to offer you.

Here are a few suggestions.

South America = Palo Santo (my personal favorite)
North America = White Sage
Central America = Copal
Canada and North America = Sweetgrass

Try this with an open mind; you might surprise yourself with the results.

Aromatherapy is another area worth exploring. If you do, try to source from reputable suppliers who sell therapeutic grade organic oils.

Rose Otto Essential Oil

Rose Otto Oil
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