About Gary Evans



Gary Evans has been investigating earth mysteries for more than twenty years. From studying sound acoustics inside the Great Pyramid to exploring Moray, an ancient site high up in the Andes, his work has taken him to some of the world’s most fascinating and mysterious places.

When not exploring, Gary helps to promote greater awareness of ancient mysteries by working as a PR agent for best-selling alternative science authors. Since 2010, he has been coordinating and leading tours to Egypt, Malta, Ireland, England, Scotland, Peru, and Bolivia.

Over the last six years, Gary has been studying a variety of yoga forms and philosophy including Yin & Yang Yoga, which is a meditative practice with sequences of long-held floor poses inspired by Taoist Yoga.

Gary is working on a new TV show treatment, “Places Of Power – Unlocking The Mystery Of The Planets Most Sacred Sites”.

Gary has appeared on numerous radio shows including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, broadcast across 550 radio stations. He also writes about his experiences at ancient sites and ancient mysticism for various websites including Ancient Origins.com and Graham Hancock.com.

Gary also works to promote conferences in the US and Europe such as CPAK, Awake and Aware, Megalithomania, Paradigm Symposium, and the Eternal Knowledge Festival.

Dendera, Egypt – hosting on tour in 2014

Giza plateau, Egypt – hosting on tour in 2012

Sedona, Arizona, US – admiring the view before a busy CPAK conference in 2011

Gary has given talks around the world on ancient mysteries, sound and the effects on consciousness and his profound experiences at some of the world’s most powerful mysterious locations. These experiences have provided him with deep epiphanies about the mysteries of awakening and his path through life.

Gary has also hosted group workshops for groups of awakening people, helping them to connect with their heart. While touring Gary encourages guests to be mindful at the sites that speak to his soul. Often this has led to guests having deep experiences, ones they found impossible to put into words. However, the experiences left them feeling exhilarated and enlivened in a profound and beautiful way. Those moments were some of the most moving and touching of Gary’s life. He feels there is absolutely no doubt that guiding people to the beauty, peace and serenity within, is part of his life’s purpose.

His new mentoring service intends to share this feeling with as many people as possible. In Gary’s words, “If we touch and feel the beauty in our heart, we can see it everywhere. The world becomes a better place, and we find peace.”

Quotes from previous clients

quotesDearest Gary,
I remember the first time i heard your toning voice we were in one of the underground chambers on the giza plateau the first day, from your first tone i felt my whole body vibrate it was so beautiful and healing and relaxing at the same time and i thought to myself WOW! this is only the beginning cant wait for more! May

quotesI am so grateful Gary for our trip to Egypt, I cannot thank you enough for your Beautiful guidance and thoughts you shared so freely with us 🙂

I am completely consumed with Love from the Heart, everywhere I go, whether it be riding my bike to work, looking up at the clouds, looking at my cat, so simple yet so, so deep and knowing !! I have to say again I have never been on a tour which has raised my consciousness to such a rapid growth till now!” Keryn Finch

quotesThe central meaning of the ancient sites visited is, without a doubt, about human-kind’s energetic relationship with the world around us. Gary’s sensitivity to those energies gave us a window into that lost world. Michael