How to become your own best friend
Silbury Hill Wiltshire

Did you know that most people are a stranger to themselves? I didn’t know it was possible to get to know myself better until I visited Egypt and spent a lot of time at the pyramids and temples. Egypt gave me a much greater perspective on life. It helped me to understand one of the key differences between how the ancient Egyptians perceived the world, and modern western civilisation. In short, they worked with nature and looked at much longer time scales, perhaps thinking about their grandchildren or great-grandchildren and even beyond them. What we know is, some of the temples were designed and built over the span of hundreds of years.

Getting to know oneself better is a beautiful journey, the central point I would like you to think about is, YOU CAN get to know yourself better. Getting to know oneself is a multi-faceted area, we can look at a few key areas. Please have in mind, my short list is far from all encompassing. Let’s start with how you treat yourself. Do you treat yourself well? Or do you treat yourself badly?

How we treat ourselves can be on a multitude of different levels

Self respect
Listening to your intuition and heart

For this short article, I would like to focus on what type of inner dialogue we use. We can do a simple test right now. How do you speak to yourself? Do you treat yourself as a friend? Or as an enemy?

Do you say kind things to yourself?

Do you forgive yourself for perceived mistakes?

Do you treat yourself gently when needed?

I suggest you use the following approach. Approach the relationship with yourself as you would any other relationship. Be friendly, kind, gentle and generous. Listen to your needs. There are times to be gentle and other times for a bit of tough love, just don’t forget the gentle times!

If you put the time into getting to know yourself, you will be in a much better position to share the beautiful inner qualities you have always felt but haven’t been able to share. The human heart contains unimaginable love and beauty, our job, simple, let it shine through. If you are happy, well rested and full of joy, it will flow out, and others will love you for it. Pay attention to your heart, that subtle voice within, it will guide you well.

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