Awakening help?
Horus and Thoth

Study this website for practical tips on how to continue your journey of awakening. My normal advice to anyone is, take anything that resonates with you and leave the rest alone. A large part of the approach suggested on this website is experiential. In other words, many of the ideas are suggested for you to try, that way you can gauge the impact directly. If we try something and learn about it, we can form our opinion based on experience. We are then less reliant on other people.

I am sure you will find some of the ideas expressed across this website strange; this will be particularly true for those who have recently discovered the path of awakening. An awakening experience makes us more aware; consciousness is more active as a result, our sensitivity will also increase. Much of the information presented on this website has roots from indigenous cultures. The indigenous perspective can be challenging to western minds they have a very different perspective on life. Indigenous people often have a more intuitive approach. They will no doubt have had awakened masters who understood reality has other levels that modern science can’t measure yet. Your awakening will also give you access to the more intuitive side of your personality, this will help you make sense of indigenous wisdom. Please give yourself a chance to learn and study.

If you have recently gone through a dramatic shift in your view of reality, the best advice I can give is to be open minded but don’t accept new ideas too readily. I prefer to think of ideas and ways of perceiving the world as my current level of understanding. When new information presents itself, I need to confront my old beliefs and evaluate them. Accepting our understanding of the world will change as we grow, seems to work better than accepting something and fixing it in our belief system. If we fix something, beliefs become much harder to change, and, as a result, our inner growth can suffer or slow down.

I have shared across this website as much information as I can to help people along the path of awakening. It is fair to say I am offering a private mentoring service that charges a fee, but, I know people will find this site and simply want some free help. Not everyone will want or need me as a personal mentor. No doubt there are people who can’t afford my service. I would still like to help everyone! One of the big lessons from awakening is, It isn’t good enough simply to help oneself, or just a few close friends and family, everyone is in this together. The best any of us can do is to try and help as many people as possible. That said, even if I only inspire one person, that will be enough. Inspiring one person along their path can make a huge difference to them.

Please read the various articles I have written, try the techniques, and if they help you, please share some feedback on the articles, your experience could very well help others. I wish you the best of luck in your awakening journey! In joy! Gary