What is an Awakening?
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An awakening marks a distinct change in the way an individual perceives the world. As the shift is so dramatic, it can be a very confusing time.

Let’s start by defining an awakening and what it isn’t. An awakening marks a distinct change in the way an individual perceives the world. As the shift is so dramatic… it can be confused with full enlightenment as we try and work out what’s happening. Generally speaking this is not the case. Speaking from personal experience, and based on conversations with hundreds of people who have experienced an awakening, this is the start of a new life, the start of our spiritual path.

The early stages of an awakening are a very delicate time for all of us. Particularly if we don’t have a support structure or someone to turn to for guidance, help or answers. Often, we have to turn to the internet, which is a minefield when approaching this subject. There are so many opinions, ideas, and suggestions about what to do. How are we to know what to do for the best? We have no reference frame to help us. How are we supposed to know which information to trust? And what information to ignore? I believe I can help with this. I would never ask anyone just to trust what I say, I will provide well researched and reliable sources. I always encourage personal research. I want people to be self-reliant and to ask questions. Asking questions and checking for reliable sources is part of the growth process I use. I encourage others to do the same.

On top of the above I will demonstrate techniques you can test. There are some simple exercises and techniques any of us can do.

An awakening can often be misunderstood, especially by the person going through it! The change in worldview is so dramatic, our ego or sense of self can try and understand it as full enlightenment. How are we supposed to know, it normally marks the start of something new. Rather than thinking of it as enlightenment, it is much better to think of an awakening as the start of a new journey. You could also think of it as the first day at a new college or university, with far more to learn about on the path ahead.

A wonderful achievement - well done to you!

With the above out of the way, an awakening is a wonderful achievement. However, it has happened; we should be very thankful, proud and feel blessed. It can lead to an amazing path through life, a path beyond our wildest dreams. I speak from personal experience on that one!

I had a deep epiphany inside the Great Pyramid on the subject of awakening. It can apply to anyone reading this. The gist of the message was this.

Very well done. Despite being surrounded by family, media and friends who couldn’t see past the illusion of the world, you managed to free your mind and keep looking for something you felt deep within.

I also felt very strongly that this is a huge accomplishment for anyone to accomplish, considering how many factors are stacked against us, to stay asleep (for want of a better word).

The epiphany went on to show me, a ladder, which I understood to be the awakening path. My foot was on the first rung of the ladder, when I looked up the ladder… I couldn’t even see the top! It felt like it went off into eternity. The message seemed to be, although we all accomplish something great when we awaken, we must stay humble, and understand, there is further to go on the path than we have already traveled.

Note* I can only comment on an awakening from my point of view, and conversations with a large number of people, there could be a rare instance of consciousness awakening into full enlightenment. I am simply speaking from my perspective and experience. The humble approach I am suggesting, frees our mind up, to keep looking for more answers and grow further. Wouldn’t it be boring if there was nothing new to learn?

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