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How Ancient India and Egypt can help you tomorrow

After extensive study of both cultures, I have found a very similar philosophy of beauty, peace and harmony. The core message is a simple one. Give yourself time to relax, meditate and spend time in nature. Connect with nature by being mindful, and observe the world around you while being in the present moment. I will go into various methods to achieve this during the personal mentoring sessions. You can also find various tips on this website.

Dendera temple

Why Egypt? Even with a cursory examination of western history we can find our roots going back to Egypt. Most of us were educated to believe the roots of western culture go back to ancient Greece. A study of ancient Greek history quickly uncovers a different picture. Many of the leading ancient Greeks who are still household names studied in Egypt. For example. Pythagoras studied in Egypt for 22 years and is given credit for the Pythagorean Theorem – which was first formulated by Thales. Thales, (an early physicist) was one of the first to go into Egypt and bring back scientific knowledge to Greece. Plato studied for 13 years in Egypt. He is considered an essential figure in the development of philosophy, especially the Western tradition, and he founded the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world. I could go on with more examples, I think you get the picture!

The early Greeks reported, they were sent away to study for 20 years before being allowed into the mystery schools of ancient Egypt. We also find early Roman reports of a 20 year training period for The Druids. What could take 20 years to study in both systems? The only conclusion I could reach was nature. My early conclusion has now been backed up further by studying the yoga sutras. In brief, to grow and understand oneself, first we need to understand nature in all its many facets. We also need to connect our nervous system to natural subtle energies. For more information please read the paper  “The effect of earthing (grounding) on human physiology”

Inside Dendera temple

The natural subtle energies are something our ancestors seem to have intuitively understood. Our physical connection to the Earth isn’t part of the normal education system. Yes, the science is very clear once studied. Earth energies are part of the reason for the location of many ancient and sacred sites, something that is now being verified by the latest scientific measuring equipment.

There is a very interesting but pricey book discussing this subject. You can purchase a copy on below

Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty: Understanding the Lost Technology of the Ancient Megalith-Builders

Measuring earth energy is a core area of the TV show I am currently developing with geologist Robert Schoch from Boston University and producers in Hollywood.

Why India and Tibet? It became quickly apparent from my studies of history, the majority of ancient cultures that fascinated me have had their literary records destroyed, normally by invaders seeking to remove the past as they colonized an area. A huge cache of Ancient Egyptian texts went up in flames with the burning of the Great Library. Ancient Egyptian texts have been translated but seem to hint at further meaning hidden beyond our current comprehension. India and Tibet are a rare example; their history goes way back into the mists of time, and as far as we know, has an unbroken lineage of spiritual teachers and authors. Due to this ancient wisdom is still alive and up to date.

Is it a coincidence, that the one area of the planet that has preserved ancient wisdom covering inner development is also the area I have found the most helpful with my awakening? Of course not, these spiritual traditions can be considered as experts for understanding our inner world. Like anything in life, we should seek out the relevant expert. If we want our computer fixed, we look up a suitable company and find an expert. The confusion in the West seems to stem from, taking awakening or spiritual advice from sources with limited knowledge. Western Scientists have made astounding progress in many areas, but they have not managed to replicate the research done for thousands of years in India on the true meaning of human potential and existence. My advice, instead of trying to fix the problems of western thinking with Western solutions, look to India and Tibet for answers. You may well find as I have, an entirely new way of looking at many of the problems we face.