The Awakening process

Higher consciousness and spiritual awakening 


If you have found this website, it probably means something has happened to you. Our higher awareness can awaken for a huge multitude of reasons. Some people have near death experiences, others have followed the yogic path and awakened their kundalini energy, and others will have looked for answers in the Amazon and the plant kingdom. Whatever has happened to you, I want to try and share what has helped me. And why I traveled hundreds of thousand of miles in search of answers. I am not listing the following to try and show you how great I think I am. I have done my best to approach my new path in a humble and unexpectant, grateful way. I am simply sharing my journey from the last six years and the dramatic change in my life after my awakening, and why I might be able to offer something of value to you.

My awakening

My awakening led to leading tours in Egypt and 25+ visits inside the Great Pyramid, I have organized and spoken at conferences across the US and the UK. I have worked for leading authors covering ancient history, many of which are household names and appear on the world’s leading TV networks. I have traveled with exceptional authors, discussed life and its mysteries at some of the world’s most powerful ancient sites. I found myself with unprecedented access to meditate at these sites, as well as lead and take part in life-changing group experiences. I have spoken with numerous radio, TV and magazine personalities and taken part in countless interviews, many of which you can hear via this websites interview page.

The speed of the awakening process

The speed of the awakening process works differently in each of us. If you think of the awakening process as a staircase, we can all get stuck on certain steps. Some of us will find certain steps easier than others. Recently I have come into contact with a few people stuck on the step of fear, fear of letting go of the old and making way for the new. A large part of this is no doubt wrapped up with self-identity. The initial awakening and change to a new worldview was dramatic and often traumatic. This process can often leave people with a fear of what will happen next. It didn’t work like that for me, after the initial change, the path unfolded very naturally and in the most beautiful way. I did have to confront fear sometimes, I decided to commit to personal growth, and grow as quickly as possible.

Overcoming fear

Overcoming fear is a hugely important area, and I know some people will need my support and guidance to help with this. All I can say here is, have faith, things get even better as we grow!! There is so much to look forward to, I wish I could give you a sneak peak! I couldn’t even begin to describe the beauty of the steps ahead. Needless to say, when you feel the internal growth and change, you will no doubt have tears in your eyes. When the peace from the heart shines through; it’s a feeling beyond words.

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